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At the USA/TA conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Valerie Lankford and Marian Weisberg led the workshop "Hurled Into the Air and Landing on our Feet: Lessons on the Way Down."
The following points were among those discussed as ways people can “get on with it” when confronted with undesirable situations, conflicts, or unwanted challenges:
1. It’s better to consider five options than just two (which are typically “either/or”).
2. In many everyday situations, it’s not as important WHAT happens to you as it is HOW you interpret the situation.

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3. Decide what your goals are in relationships, such as “problem solving” or civility,” and what roles you wish or may need to play, such as “good neighbor,” “responsive employee,” or “caring spouse.”
4. Consider what age group you or the person you’re interacting with is in and how relevant that may be to the issue.
5. Some new books are helpful for a new way to consider behavior and its impact. Two are by Malcolm Gladwell. One is The Tipping Point: Little Things that make Big Differences and the other is Blink: Thinking Without Thinking.
6. Use perspective to help deal with situations. Most of us are not in Pakistan, nor Iraq, nor dying of a terminal illness.
7. Decide to “Do it NOW”…(When you need emotional space from a problem, do something to cheer yourself up and give yourself a lift).
8. Consider that you may be a role model, even in times of stress.
9. Move into Free Child or Parent ego states deliberately…to escape Critical Parent move into playful or distractions for Child…the arts…visual, auditory, or kinesthetic activities. Move into Parent for reassuring Defining Parent or Nurturing Parent with messages to Take Care of Oneself.
10. Use humor whenever possible to laugh at yourself and your situation. If humor is not available, consider exaggerating anything to create a giggle.
11. Seek support from others whom you respect. If they’re not involved, they can help offer perspective.
12. Consider Seven Resiliences-insight, independence, relationships, initiative, creativity, humor, and morality and how our material connected to these. (From, a private initiative based in Washington D.C. with Drs. Steve and Sybil Wolin).

Valerie Lankford has also led training seminars in Ukraine for the Peryaslav Teachers' Institute and the Ukrainian Transactional Analysis Institute. Steve Karakashian and Nadya Spassenko worked with her to make these workshops both satisfying and beneficial for all involved.

In addition, she previously journeyed to the Netherlands to give a presentation entitled "How People Learn from Violent or Catastrophic Encounters."  

She has also traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico to present her paper on "Caring Confrontation" at the annual Transactional Analysis Conference.

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