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Click here to read "Aha! The Introvert Epiphany and More" (.pdf), which was published in the USA TAA newsletter.

Click here to read Four Feelings and What to Do With Them (.pdf)


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To receive a free copy of "Face to Face with Caring Confrontation" or "Group Critiquers: A Berne Legacy," please send an email with your mailing address to Valerie Lankford at valerielankford@yahoo.com.

  • "Aha! The Introvert Epiphany and More" (Click here to read .pdf) 

    USATAA NET - Transactional Analysis News.

  • "My Whole Life is Plan B: A Psychological and Practical Approach to Resilience" 

    As a patient and a therapist, the author has been passionate and devoted to helping herself and others create life scripts by which people can thrive instead of just survive. Change is inevitable, and a Plan B perspective helps individuals prepare for it and to expect the unexpected, whether that means a mistake or just a different situation than they anticipated. This article offers suggestions for how to learn from mistakes by redefining script and miniscript drivers to create options for optimal outcomes. Techniques to promote resiliency and adaptability are emphasized. Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "Face to Face with Caring Confrontation"

    A clear description of several examples and benefits of caring confrontation. Many people fear being criticized or confronted and would rather avoid both, which they associate with defeat and pain from childhood. This new look invites people to caringly confront and helps them learn from people who are well-practiced in this skill. Less and less can we expect to live in a world where people generally think alike and share the same culture. With such diversity in our societies, making peace vs.war begins with caring, thoughtful and effective confrontation. Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "A Reparented Daughter's Perspective"

    The author acknowledges Alan Jacobs’s (1994) article, “Theory as Ideology: Reparenting and Thought Reform,” as having merit and raising valid concerns. As a reparented daughter of Jacqui Schiff and a responsible, experienced clinician, she describes her own positive experience with the Schiffs and their methods. Further, she discusses how she uses Schiffian techniques with a nonschizophrenic population in her therapeutic community. Her “reparented daughter’s perspective” from Parent, Adult, and Child involves both a formal article and a folk story. Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "Group Critiquers: A Berne Legacy."

    Valerie Lankford had the luck and privilege of training with Transactional Analysis founder Eric Berne. Before he died, Berne chose her to lead one of his married couples' groups because, as he said, "for lack of a better word, you are sincere." This article outlines the model she learned from him for having group critiquers play a unique role in therapy groups. ITAA Script Newsletter.

  • "Termination: How to Enhance the Process," Transactional Analysis Journal. (Also translated into French, "La Fin Du Traitment. Comment Enrichir le Processus," Actualites en Analyse Transactionelle.)

  • Four Feelings and What to Do With Them (.pdf)

    People often reveal that they're depressed, anxious, or generally uncomfortable. They don't know what to do to feel better. If they express their feelings, sometimes they feel worse!

    But our feelings are not all inborn and out of control. We actually begin to learn many of them before we even learn our A,B,C's.  We can "unlearn" some of the ones that don't work in our lives.

    Certain feelings are universal.  Colloquially, the author refers to these as "mad," "sad," "glad," and "scared." These are considered natural to everyone.

    This pamphlet helps people identify what each feeling is for--what we need to do to feel better and to solve problems. Practical methods are applied for the feelings that are commonly the most difficult for most people.

  • What Will I Learn From a Child Today? (co-authored with Pearl Ratushewitz)

    This book came about because the authors, a professional counselor and an early childhood specialist, learn as many important things from children of all ages as they do from adults. The powerful lessons children have to teach us are often missed or overlooked. What Will I Learn From a Child Today? reminds us to take the time to notice.

  • "O.K. Interrupting," Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "Hearing Howls and Whispers," pamphlet.

  • "Parent Ego State," Transactional Analysis Journal..

  • "Felines, Folks, and Feelings," pamphlet.  

  • "High Level Confrontation - Desensitization," Transactional Analysis Journal

  • "Termination: How to Enhance the Process," Transactional Analysis Journal. (Also translated into French, "La Fin Du Traitment: Comment Enrichir le Processus," Actualites en Analyse Transactionelle).

  • "Notes of a Pregnant Therapist," Eric Berne Seminar Bulletin.

  • "The Share-A-Care Position," Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "Rapid Identification of Symbiosis," Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "Daughters and Mothers: Healing the Relationship," by J. and D. Firman, book review, Transactional Analysis Journal.

  • "The Original Warm Fuzzy," photo, Transactional Analysis Journal.

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